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Our Mission is Simple


We are leveraging our collective knowledge, resources, and relationships to create the number one African-American owned real estate organization. With over 60+ plus collective years of experience and the power of eXp we are unstoppable.  Our agents have the marketing materials, training, and mentorship they need to grow and excel. 

Equitable Holdings

Own stock in a publicly-traded company

All in One Transaction System

We take the hurdles out of real estate

Cloud Office Environment

Work from anywhere in the world

Revenue Share Options

Create passive income

Real-Time Live Support

You'll have on-demand support services available Monday-Friday

Zero Desk Fees

Cut your overhead and save on expenses


Going extra miles is our DNA


Join us if you...

•  Want to work with people who understand you
•  Are ready to embrace new business models
•  Value having access to leadership and industry experts
•  Believe in the power of multiple revenue streams
•  Enjoy your freedom and want more of it
•  Have an unshakeable commitment to fostering change
•  Know that you have what it takes to be the best
•  Are ready to raise the bar

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